Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Givaway Winners are....

Congrats to these three winners of the giveaway: Saori, fisiwoman, and Sue from okibi_insanity. Hope you ladies love your prizes and thanks again for the support. I am taking a really long break but should be back after all holidays are over.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Update: Giveaway winners

Hello guys and gals I have been super busy with things this week and wanted to stop in to tell you I will be picking winners for the giveaway by random.org next week sometime so be sure to check in to see if you are one of them. Thanks guys and I look forward to picking the winners soon.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Yay! It's Giveaway Time! Closed

Thank you guys for all your support thus far and putting up with my noobness LOL. BUT now I want to do a giveaway to give back to you guys. Here are the rules and pictures:

Here is one of the prizes: Hades: is the star franken from the Handful of Genesis collex, mixture of Liquid Euphoria Nirvana and Ozotic 506

Marine Life Highlight Powder and BN Ever Hip (to tell you the truth I am really sad to get rid of this l/s because I am almost done with mine I love it so much, BUT (huge but), I want someone else to enjoy this l/s too, whoever wins it will be very lucky, plus, the packaging is super cute *-* and you know I WUV you guys!


1. You must be a follower to this blog and if you come in late to the game just hit the follow button, I hope you can find it somewhere's on my blog.


2. There are three prizes for three different winners. The first winner will have a choice of whether they want the Marine Life Highlight Powder from MAC or the Ever Hip lipstick from Mac or Hades and which ever you do not pick those will be left over for the next winner to choose. So, if you want a choice you probably want to win first, but if you don't care and/or here for some of the other stuff than have fun ladies, the third prize was a surprise I wanted to wait till this giveaway to mention it, if you have found me from my luuux account than you already know the prize, I am going to give Hades away to one lucky winner, remember the crazy duochrome franken I made from the Handful of Genesis collection?  That is one of the prizes, so, quick run down of prizes is Mac's Ever Hip Lipstick, Marine Life Highlight Powder, and Hades nail polish! Edit: Since I extended the time frame for this giveaway I will be adding more prizes to the groupings, so there will be three groupings based on the 3 prizes above.


3. To enter all you have to do is enter a comment below stating what is your top 5 nail polishes for fall or if you are more into make up, your top 5 make up products for fall. Now you can only enter once this way but if you have a blog, facebook, or twitter, and you mention this giveaway along with a link directing people to this giveaway then post another comment below with the link to blog, facebook, or twitter post, that can be counted as your second entry. So in total you are allowed to have two entries, but make sure you provide a link back to this blog giveaway for it to count!

Bonus: For those who follow my LUUUX account you are allowed 3 entries: in the comment section under this post you need to post your comment top 5 picks for fall (that is one), link back to this blog giveaway on another blog of yours, or your facebook, or your twitter (that is two but only pick one of these choices) and make sure you comment in the comment section below with a link to your post, and you can have a final entry by linking back to this giveaway on your LUUUX account (that is three, but remember you would need to follow this blog and my LUUUX account for the third entry to count) Thanks in advance!

link to my LUUUX account: LUUUX


4.  This giveaway will start today September 24th, 2010 and will end at midnight on October 31st, 2010, roughly 1 month.


Here is where it gets tricky, I don't mind international entries, but I am putting a limit on what I will pay for shipping anywhere, and the limit for shipping is 10$$, so, if it costs more than $$10 dollars to ship to your country from the US and you did not inform me before I go to the post office to work out the rest of the shipping costs, I will have to forfeit your prize and give it to the next winner. It is your responsibility to find out shipping rates for one make up product or one nail polish item from the US to your country, if for some reason you win and I go to the post office and it costs 20 bucks to ship you your prize and AGAIN, you did not work out something previously to pay for the extra shipping cost the prize will be forfeited. I am sorry for this, but 10 dollars for one item is my shipping cost limit.


I will be using randomizer.org to pick three winners randomly, after the giveaway is over I will post the names of the winners up on my blog over the course of the week so 11/1/2010 to 11/6/2010. I will say that this is the week of my daughter's birthday on November 4th so if there is any delay I will let you guys know but you already know how I am about posting stuff :) NOTE: You have 24 hours to get back to me or else it will be given to the next person. I don't have a lot of time to wait for a response, because you will be holding others up in choosing their prize. Also, if you see you are one of the winners you need to email me your address and email address, at diatom.shells@gmail.com. please include your screen name connected to your profile so I can verify it is you.

I will update this post if I think of anything else, and will include pictures later. Thanks so much lovelies for being so faithful to me :) *big hugz* and if you have any questions please email me and DO NOT ASK THEM IN THE COMMENTS SECTION BECAUSE THAT WILL MESS UP RANDOMIZER.ORG......TIA!!!!

Supreme List of Nail Polish

Disclaimer: This is something I am going to start doing because in my quest to find such a reference turned up as a fail. I am going to do a list of all polishes ever made, known to man, and if you want to contribute you are welcome to do so. I mean, a HUGE list of all polishes, brands from all over the world. I understand this may seem like an impossible task but it is not meant to perfect in any way and is not meant to ever be finished this will continue to grow and grow. More like a history book of all polishes ever made. Below I have started it, and if you know of some that were made years ago and you don't have it anymore but know it existed please email me all the names of the ones you know of including around the year you think it was made if you have knowledge of that, and what color it is considered ie: purple, red, black etc. If you don't know the time frame in which it existed that is fine, we don't NEED it. This doesn't have to be completely date accurate but 90's, mid 90's, 80's, mid 80's etc. It could be 20 years ago, 10 years ago and so on. Now, so you are not confused, I am not making an htf list this list includes core polishes as well as current ones being released now, as well as discontinued polishes, but no where will it state whether the polish is htf or not as there could be a problem with knowledge focusing on that aspect of our np world. I am just going to do the names, brands in which it is from. and what color it is for now, later on I will add approximate time frames in which it existed.  In no way are these in any particular order yet; after I have thought of all the brands I can think of I will put them in alphabetical order, then it will be categorized by actual polish names, for example You Don't Know Jacques, by color within that brand, for example taupe. I know all you history buffs will appreciate a list like this.





Color Club:





Glitter Gal:




Liquid Euphoria:

Sally Hansen:

LA Splash:





China Glaze:

Nicole by OPI:

Sephora by OPI:

Pure Ice


Seche Vite:


Barry M:

Wet n' Wild

Miscellaneous no brand:

Miscellaneous no names:

Mary Kay:



American Apparel:

Nfu Oh:







Bon Bon:



Sally Girl:



Deborah Lippman:

Rescue Beauty Lounge:

Butter London:

Nina Pro Ultra:



Sinful Colors:

Estee Lauder:



LA Girl:


Hard Candy;


Bath & Body Works:


LA Colors:





Carolyn New York:

New York Summer:

Finger Paints:

Ginger + Liz:



Rococo Nail Apparel:


No Miss:

OOPS! Jealous:


Model's Own:


Ana Sui:

Urban Decay:


Super Star:



Piggy Polish:

Jessie's Girl:

Orgasm Cosmetics:

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics:

Dare to Wear:






Tina Tarantino:




BB Couture:


Hot Topic:

Diamond Cosmetics:

Cover Girl:

Claw Polish:





Bourjois Paris:



NOX Twilight:

Hello Kitty:

Studio M:


Jolly Rancher:

Charlotte Russe:


Blue Cross Beauty:

10 Professional Nail Lacquer:

Forever 21 Love & Beauty:

Easter Nail Polish:

Pumpkin Nail Polish:


Kolor Ring:


Snowman Nail Polish:

Tip Toe:

Versace's Heat Nail Lacquer:

Orlane Paris:

Laura Mercier:

a la mode by Orly Enchante Nail Polish:

Phantom Frights:

Fright Night Claw Polish:

Victoria Secret:

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

NOTD: Attempt at the "Galaxy Nails" by Asami

Here is the original posters blog, Nails by Asami, she is a genius and I didn't do nearly as well as her, but I still had fun and I love the look!

...and here are the pics...

Monday, September 13, 2010

Mythological Franken Collection

I have been in the works on making my own franken collection based on Greek Mythological gods and goddesses. I am currently only half done with it, but I decided I would go ahead and share what I have done so far and I am including the recipes if you decide you want to make any of them yourselves. Some of the mixes include a couple htf's, but the other's are nearly obtainable. Anyway, on with the show.

This collection is called Handful of Genesis....

First up is Zeus.

Zeus- god of the sky and all the Olympian gods- gray, bone white jelly with silver flecks and gold hex glitter.

Recipe: 3/4 Maybelline Pot of Gold, any white will do; I used NYC Little Italy and Pure Ice Superstar, and a little bit of LA Colors silver polish I found at the Dollar Tree.

Top coat to go over any of the frankens is called Olympus- the gods' dwelling place- is tiny gold and purple flecks.

Recipe- 1/2 bottle Orly Love Each Other, 1/2 bottle Wet N' Wild clear, and a sample size of Fyrrinae Lights of Tel Aviv.

Olympus over Zeus.

Artemis- god of many things but I focused on the part where she was goddess of the moon- dusky gray blue with gold glitter and medium sized holo hex glitters.

Recipe: Nearly 1/4 OPI Suzi's Says Feng Shui, 1/8 Petites Vintage Gray, drop of black, and mostly all China Glaze Medallion, little clear too.

Olympus over Artemis.

Poseidon- god of the sea- cobalt blue jelly with iridescent, glitter, holo glitter, and green glitter.

Recipe: 1/16th Nfu Oh 270 or a 1/4 Orly Royal Navy would work, whole bottle of Wet N' Wild Hallucinate, 1/4 tsp. Wet N' Wild Fantasy Makers Confetti glitter called Glitz, a half the bottle of LA Colors Art Deco striper Green Glitter found at Dollar Tree.

Aphrodite- goddess of love, desire, and beauty- blackened gold shimmer with gold mica flakes.

Recipe- 2 bottles of Petite's Universe and eye ball the addition of a black, I used Wet N' Wild Black Creme.

Olympus over Aphrodite.

Hades- lord of the underworld- crazy multi-chrome with multi-changing pigment.

Recipe- 1/2 Ozotic 505, 1/2 Liquid Euphoria Nirvana.

Purple side of this polish...

Now, we are getting into the red territory...

Here, it starts turning green...

Olympus over Hades.

Thanks for stopping in today. I haven't missed that we are now at the giveaway limit and I am working on getting the details figured out and that will be the next move. Thanks again!

Reference to all the info on gods and goddesses from www.greekmythology.com.