Monday, September 13, 2010

Mythological Franken Collection

I have been in the works on making my own franken collection based on Greek Mythological gods and goddesses. I am currently only half done with it, but I decided I would go ahead and share what I have done so far and I am including the recipes if you decide you want to make any of them yourselves. Some of the mixes include a couple htf's, but the other's are nearly obtainable. Anyway, on with the show.

This collection is called Handful of Genesis....

First up is Zeus.

Zeus- god of the sky and all the Olympian gods- gray, bone white jelly with silver flecks and gold hex glitter.

Recipe: 3/4 Maybelline Pot of Gold, any white will do; I used NYC Little Italy and Pure Ice Superstar, and a little bit of LA Colors silver polish I found at the Dollar Tree.

Top coat to go over any of the frankens is called Olympus- the gods' dwelling place- is tiny gold and purple flecks.

Recipe- 1/2 bottle Orly Love Each Other, 1/2 bottle Wet N' Wild clear, and a sample size of Fyrrinae Lights of Tel Aviv.

Olympus over Zeus.

Artemis- god of many things but I focused on the part where she was goddess of the moon- dusky gray blue with gold glitter and medium sized holo hex glitters.

Recipe: Nearly 1/4 OPI Suzi's Says Feng Shui, 1/8 Petites Vintage Gray, drop of black, and mostly all China Glaze Medallion, little clear too.

Olympus over Artemis.

Poseidon- god of the sea- cobalt blue jelly with iridescent, glitter, holo glitter, and green glitter.

Recipe: 1/16th Nfu Oh 270 or a 1/4 Orly Royal Navy would work, whole bottle of Wet N' Wild Hallucinate, 1/4 tsp. Wet N' Wild Fantasy Makers Confetti glitter called Glitz, a half the bottle of LA Colors Art Deco striper Green Glitter found at Dollar Tree.

Aphrodite- goddess of love, desire, and beauty- blackened gold shimmer with gold mica flakes.

Recipe- 2 bottles of Petite's Universe and eye ball the addition of a black, I used Wet N' Wild Black Creme.

Olympus over Aphrodite.

Hades- lord of the underworld- crazy multi-chrome with multi-changing pigment.

Recipe- 1/2 Ozotic 505, 1/2 Liquid Euphoria Nirvana.

Purple side of this polish...

Now, we are getting into the red territory...

Here, it starts turning green...

Olympus over Hades.

Thanks for stopping in today. I haven't missed that we are now at the giveaway limit and I am working on getting the details figured out and that will be the next move. Thanks again!

Reference to all the info on gods and goddesses from


  1. Gorgeous, all of them! I love the top coat to tie them all together.

  2. very cool :) i love how you came up with your own themed collection!

  3. That last one is so pretty! I've never seen such an awesome duochrome.

  4. @KarenD Thanks so much, I knew I wanted to create something with that pigment from Fyrrinae but I didn't know what until I started this themed collex, it was perfect.

  5. @Danielle Thanks for the feedback, it took nearly a month to put all these together, so I am thinking it will be that much longer till I have it finished it.

  6. @ Allya Your name is so pretty. Thanks again, I debated long and hard on whether I wanted to pour Liquid Euphoria into anything, but I decided I wouldn't really use up a whole bottle anyway, so I just poured in half and it seemed to work out fine.

  7. I tagged you with the Sunshine Award:

  8. Oooh I saw this post on make up alley - so glad i have found your blog! :) awesome collection and amazing idea. I love the top coat

  9. a GIANT greek mythology nerd, let me just tell you how freaking gorgeous these are! They match their respective gods/goddesses so well! Such genius!
    I wish you could get these mass produced...I'd definitely buy them ALL. And I'd get backups of Poseidon, Aphrodite. I'd get double backups of Hades and Artemis. So pretty ahhh!

    Also, I tagged you with two blog awards. You can come pick them up at!

  10. @KarenD and ChaosButterfly thanks for the awards I am not sure what that is but I will surely go check them out that is so nice of you guys to tag me! Thanks Chaos for the compliment I love, love, LOVE Greek Mythology too! I am only half done with this collex; it did take nearly a month to execute and as a surprise, whenever I get around to doing my giveaway, that is gonna be one of the items I am giving away *Hades*, so Yay! I hope whoever wins it will enjoy it as much as I did, I only swatched it once so hopefully no one will mind. Thanks again guys er girls hehe :)

  11. @Lisa I am so glad you found my blog too, I actually post more often on MUA than my blog which is sad but I am working on it, I still need to get the hang of posting more regularly here so I don't let others down. Welcome and enjoy your stay deary!

  12. I just LOVE all of thees beauties! Thanks for showing them <3

  13. Beautiful nails! I'm so new to the blog world which has given me hours and hours of fun lately! I started painting my nails not even two months ago and now my obsession is at an all time crazy! Love it! <3